Add-on MailChimp setup


MailChimp account

Before you set up the "MailChimp" add-on, you first need to have a MailChimp account and to subscribe to the "MailChimp” add-on in bexio.

You can open a MailChimp account directly from the MailChimp website:


The bexio MailChimp add-on

To book the add-on, open your package management by navigating to "Settings" -> "Packages / Add-ons / User" -> subscribe to the MailChimp add-on and then complete the ordering process. 



How do I set up the MailChimp add-on?

Generating an API Key in MailChimp

First, you need to generate an API Key in MailChimp. To find out how to generate an API Key in MailChimp, please refer to the post "Find or Generate Your API Key" in the MailChimp Knowledge Base.


Setting up MailChimp in bexio

Open the MailChimp configuration settings by navigating to "Settings" -> "All Settings" -> "Add-ons, Apps & API" -> "MailChimp configuration". 


Now insert the key which you generated in Mailchimp in the API Key field and click "Save". 

If this works correctly, you will receive a message that the connection has been successfully created. 



How can I copy my bexio contacts to MailChimp?

To find out how to copy your contacts from bexio to MailChimp and what you need to be aware of when doing this, please refer to the article "How do I transfer contacts from bexio to MailChimp?".

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