What does the Kickshops add-on offer me?

What is Kickshops?

Kickshops is a Swiss startup and – like bexio – is a member of the Swiss Finance Startups network. In addition, Kickshops was awarded silver at the Best of Swiss Web Award 2015.


What are the advantages offered by Kickshops?

  • Connection to your bexio account in a single click
  • Quick setup of your online shop – also if you have no computer skills
  • Freely customizable online shop with logo and pictures
  • Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • You only pay if you make a sale (fee of 2% per product sold). Your clients have the choice between various payment methods.
  • Encryption of all data according to 256-bit SSL standard

How do I connect to Kickshops?

First sign up at Kickshops. Then, at Kickshops, go to "Settings" and then to "Sync". If you then click on "Import" you will be forwarded automatically to bexio.

Sign in as normal with your bexio access data. After login you will see the API authorization request.


If you know click on "Allow access", your account setup is complete.

You can also first activate the add-on in bexio. To do this, in bexio go to "Settings – Packages / add-ons / users - Add-ons" and activate the add-on by clicking on the checkbox.


What is important?

  • You will now see you products within Kickshops, where you can add photos to the imported products.
  • Only product names, product descriptions and sales prices will be transferred from bexio.
  • Added photos within Kickshops will not be overwritten if next time you perform an import from bexio.
  • The product name & description will be overwritten during the bexio import.
  • If the import does not work for whatever reason, Kickshops will contact you directly to tell you which products have not been imported. One reason for this could be a missing sales price that is urgently needed for a successful import.
  • Currently bexio does not generate an order or an invoice following a successful sale.

Contact data for Kickshops

 If you have any questions about Kickshops, please contact Support directly. The e-mail address is

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