create new tasks

With the tasks, you have a simple and effective tool on hand for managing your pending tasks.

You can record new tasks via the task module with the button "New task". 

This subsequently takes you to the input screen for the new task: 

Subject and remarks

The field "Subject" is used to define the title for the task, e.g. "Call client XY". In the field "Remarks" you can then describe in detail what needs to be done for this task, e.g. "Discuss quote AU-000123".

Complete by

This is where you define when the corresponding task is to be completed by. In bexio there are pending tasks, completed tasks and overdue tasks. As soon as the date and time have "expired", the status of the task automatically changes from "Pending" to "Overdue".


Here you can select the contact the task is to be assigned to. In the contact field, simply enter the first few letters of the contact you are looking for or click on the icon next to the field to bring up the list view for all contacts.

Depending on the contact you have selected, you can then select a contact person or – if applicable – a project.

Contact person

Contact person always refers to a bexio user. Typically your name is entered as the person who created the task. If you want to delegate the task, simply select the bexio user who is to complete the task.


Here you can define whether a task reminder is to be sent by e-mail or text message. First check the box to activate the reminder option. All you need to do now is define the type of the reminder and the lead time. You will now receive a reminder by e-mail to the address you saved in your bexio user account, in our example two hours before the task becomes due.

Category and priority

The functions "Category" and "Priority" give you the option of differentiating/weighting your pending items according to your needs. You can define new categories by clicking on the item "Tasks/categories" under "Settings".

In the field "Time planning" you can enter an estimate of how long you need to complete the task.

How do I create a time entry from a task?

A time entry can be generated directly from a task. This function is especially practical if you make tasks for order work from which the time spent can be invoiced directly, e.g. "Program", "Design", "Service work", etc.

To save the times and tasks from having to be entered separately, you have the option of entering and saving the time entry directly in and with the task details (contact, contact person for any project).

Proceed as follows to create the time entry from the task:

  1. Open created or existing task in detailed view
  2. Click on button "New time entry"

  3. Select "Activity", "Duration", "Is chargeable or not" and status and click on "Save".

You will then receive the message "The time entry was saved" and the time with all contact information including the project (if available) has already been created from the task.


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