Add-on Pingen setup


Before you can install the add-on "Pingen", you need to set up a Pingen account and also subscribe to the add-on "Pingen" in bexio. You can set up a Pingen account directly at Pingen itself:

Make a note of the usernames you enter. You will need these later on to activate the connection in bexio. 


To integrate the add-on, open package management under " Settings - Packages / add-ons / users - Packages & licenses", click on the add-on "Pingen" and then close the order process.


How do I install the add-on "Pingen"?

Generate API key

You first need to generate an API key in Pingen. To do this, log in to your Pingen account and open your user under "Settings - User - My user". Click on "Show API token" to generate the API key.


Clicking on "Show API key" displays a window containing the API key. 


Set up Pingen in bexio

Open the Pingen configuration settings under "Settings - All settings - Add-ons, apps & API - Configure Pingen". 


In the field "API key", add the key previously opened in Pingen, enter the username you have set up for Pingen and click on "Save".


If the connection works, a message will be displayed saying that the connection has been established. 


What needs to be taken into account when sending a ping?

Everything you need to take into account for the successful transmission of a ping is described in the following article: ”What do I need to take into account when sending a ping?".

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