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With the interface to Pingen, you can send documents such as offers and invoices in paper form. invoices in paper form. Pingen transmits the documents to a print shop, which takes care of the printing and dispatch for you. Here we describe how the connection is established so that you can send invoices to Pingen at the push of a button. at the touch of a button. 

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❯ What do I have to consider for shipping via Pingen?


Requirements & General

You need a bexio account.
You need an existing Pingen Classic account. → Register for pingen

How do I connect the app?

1. Activate add-on via the Marketplace

Open our Marketplace at «». Search for the application in the list of our partners. Then click on «Add APP».
❯ Direct link to the pingen application



2. Pingen activation

You will be redirected to the bexio settings of the add-ons. Activate the add-on here.



3. Copy API token from pingen

Now open your Pingen account and go to «Account» → «User» → «My user» → «Show API token».



Here you will find your personal API token. Now copy this token.



4. Insert API Key in bexio

In bexio, go to "Settings" → "All settings" → "Apps & API".



Then under "Pingen configuration".



And here you enter the e-mail address of your Pingen account under "User name". and under "API key" enter the "API token" you copied earlier. Then save then save these entries.



4. Activation successful

The connection has now been established. In your invoices you can now select of «Invoice by e-mail» on the "dropdown" symbol so that you can select the «Send invoice by post».


Application in bexio

What to consider when shipping via Pingen?

Find out what you need to know for a successful dispatch to pingen in the article "What do I have to consider for shipping via Pingen?".


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