Add-on Google Authenticator setup

Two-stage authentication for even more security

You can set up two-stage authentication in bexio with the add-on "Google Authenticator" and the mobile app of the same name.

How do I install the add-on "Google Authenticator"?

Subscribe to the add-on in bexio

Activate the add-on "Google Authenticator" under "Settings - Packages / add-ons / users" -> "Add-ons".

Download the app on your mobile phone

Download the mobile app "Google Authenticator" on your smartphone and install it.

Set up the add-on in bexio

Once you have installed the app on your smartphone, open it again in bexio, click on your name at the top right (directly to the left of "Settings") and select "Edit profile - Security".


Click on "Activate" to the right of Google Authenticator.


Then follow the instructions that are shown to you within bexio.


If setup is successful you will receive a confirmation that the extended login procedure has been successfully activated. 


After this, every time you log in you will be asked to enter the Google Authenticator code in addition to your usual access data.


Deactivate Google Authenticator

Consult the report "How do I deactivate Google Authenticator?" for information on how to deactivate Google Authenticator.

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