Add-on Google Authenticator deactivation

General information on deactivating Google Authenticator

If you no longer want Google Authenticator, you can simply deactivate it after logging in.

If Google Authenticator is deactivated in bexio, the code that is generated from your smartphone via Google Authenticator can of course no longer be used and can thus be removed.

It should also be noted that the code is always generated via the smartphone itself on which Authenticator is installed. This means that if you change your smartphone we recommend first deactivating Authenticator in bexio and then reinstalling it on your new smartphone.

Consult the report "How do I install Google Authenticator?" for information on how to reinstall Google Authenticator.

Deactivate Google Authenticator

Click on your name at the top right (directly to the left of "Settings") and select "Edit profile - Security".


Click on "Deactivate" to the right of Google Authenticator.


After clicking on "Deactivate" you will receive a confirmation that the extended login procedure has been successfully deactivated.

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