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PepperShop is an e-commerce and POS payment solution, developed in Switzerland. This article explains how to activate the online shop in your bexio account and what you need to know when you do this. Further information can be found in the bexio Marketplace: PepperShop

Developer → Glarotech GmbH
Phone → +41 71 923 08 58
Partner's website 
Information about the appMarketplace

The charges and other details can be found in our App Marketplace. The PepperShop add-on is billed directly by our partner company. The charges for your bexio subscription remain unchanged.
Enquiries / Support: This add-on was programmed by the third-party provider (Glarotech). Since the bexio add-on was developed by Glarotech, they know the interface best and will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.





Requirements and general information

Before you can set up the PepperShop add-on, you need to have a PepperShop account and activate the add-on in bexio.

You can open a PepperShop account yourself by contacting PepperShop Support. The Support team will also inform you about the costs incurred.

Phone: +41 71 923 08 58



How do I activate the app?

To activate the add-on, first open the Package Manager under "Settings" → "Packages / Apps / Users" → "Add-ons". Then click on "Activate" under "PepperShop" and complete the order process.




Creating the connection

(Instructions from the provider Glarotech GmbH can be found on the following page: Instructions for connecting bexio)


1. Adding the app in the Marketplace

Search for the app in the bexio Marketplace ( and then click on “Add app".



2. Register for a PepperShop test account

Click on "Open a test account" under "Free trial".



3. Registering with bexio and granting access rights

Log in with your bexio account details and select the desired company. Now you can authorise the access rights for PepperShop.



4. Creating a PepperShop account

Fill in the fields on the following page.



5. You will receive an email with your login credentials

You will then receive an e-mail with your access data.


6. Checking the connection to bexio and the settings

Under "Modules", click on "bexio". You can now select the following menu items:

  • "Interface" to synchronise products and contacts.
  • "Payment connection" to connect PepperShop payment methods with bank accounts in bexio.
  • "Configuration" to check the connection.




What else do I need to know?

  • If you have any questions in regard to configuring the PepperShop online shop or adjusting any settings in the POS system, please contact PepperShop Support directly. Please note that the bexio Support team does not offer support for add-ons.
  • Linking bexio and PepperShop: bexio product synchronisation



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