Several browser tabs

A useful tip for working with bexio is to open several browser tabs. This can save you a few mouse-clicks.

Simply right-click (Mac users: Ctrl + left-click) on an appropriate link and then select "Open link in new tab” from the context menu. If your mouse has a scroll wheel or a middle button, you can also open the link in a new tab by clicking with the scroll wheel or the middle button.

For example, you could open several tabs when checking the invoices of a particular customer: First, find the customer’s invoices using the "Invoices" tab in the Contact view (please also refer to the post "Navigating with the address book") or by filtering the list of invoices in Order Management to match the desired customer. Next, open every invoice in a separate browser tab as described above and then you can process them all one by one. This will save you time because you will no longer need to return to the previous page or perform a new search for the appropriate invoices. 


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