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Below is a brief explanation of some general points and functions you will repeatedly encounter when working with bexio.

There is a so-called list view in practically every module; this shows you the individual entries for a module at a glance. Open one of these entries and you will be taken to the detailed view.


Functions in the list view

Below we describe the functions in the list view using the example of the address book:



New entry and settings:


You can always find the button for a new entry at the top left, in this case for a new contact and also, depending on the module, other buttons with additional functions or settings. Thus, in the address book, you are taken to the functions for import and export. You can learn more about importing contacts here: What Needs to be Considered When Importing Contacts? 




You can use the tabs to display only specific entries in the list view. In our view, only contacts belonging to the category "Clients" or "Suppliers" are displayed via the relevant tab. You can also create your own tabs using the function "Custom filter". You can find more information further down in this article.


Display and export:

Here you can define how many entries should be displayed in the list view. Currently 20 entires are displayed per page; however, there are a total of 28 entries overall. A maximum of 200 entries are displayed per page. You can use the button "Export current filter" on the right-hand side to export the entires into an Excel table; in our example, therefore, all 28 entries. There are also other ways of exporting files. Consult the report "Export - What options does bexio offer?" for more information on the most common export functions.


Page browser:


These are depicted on several pages depending on the number of entries displayed. You can use this function to scroll back and forth or jump directly to the desired page.


Filter and search function


If you are looking for a specific contact, you can use the search field at the top right. For example, you can search for a name, a contact number, an email address or a location.

With the "Filter" function you can filter the list view according to your own criteria. For example, you can filter by one or more categories and industries, by the internal contact person or by the country of the contact. Afterwards you can apply the filter to the list view or save it permanently as a tab. 



Action drop-down:


You can use the action drop-down that you can find at the bottom right in some modules to execute specific processes for several selected entries in the corresponding list view. For the list view, this includes the additional export processes, the delete function and the bulk change. You can find more information on these functions in the corresponding article


Functions in the detailed view

If you click on a specific entry in the list view, this takes you to the detailed view. At the above right besides the document title you can find the icons to edit (pen) or delete (trash can) this entry.

Bildschirmfoto_2021-07-05_um_09.44.01.png    Bildschirmfoto_2021-07-05_um_09.44.31.png


The delete function is not available in all cases, especially for order management. Read our FAQ article "How do I delete invoices?" for more information on this

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