Forgotten password & account blocked

If you cannot remember your password, do not worry: You can reset your password with the button "Forgotten password?".

Accounts that have been blocked because the password was entered incorrectly five times in a row can also be reset with this method. If your account is blocked because of too many unpaid bills, please contact our support team.


To use the "Forgotten password?" function, open the bexio login page and click on the link "Forgotten password?".


You will be redirected to a separate page where you will be asked to enter the e-mail address you registered with bexio. Then click on "Request new password".


You will then receive an e-mail from bexio. Click on the button "Reset password" contained in the e-mail.


You will then be taken automatically to the website where you can define your new password. To make your password as secure as possible, we advise the following:


Use a secure password with at least ten characters (ideally a combination of upper case and lower case letters and numbers).


Finally, click on "Change password".


When you have changed your password, a confirmation will be displayed and you will be taken directly to your login.

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