Can I adjust the font in bexio?

Prepare font (upload) 

You have the option of using any font you choose for offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc. The font must be in TrueTypeFonts format (TTF) in order to integrate it into bexio successfully.

At the following link you will find a selection of free fonts provided by Google that are available for download for Mac and PC: 

On the other hand, not every font is suitable for German-speaking countries. The best example for this are the umlauts ä, ö and ü, which cannot always be integrated into the font. Another common problem are individual font types such as bold, italics or bold + italics, which are often not defined and thus cannot be used. Thus, the following rule of thumb applies for fonts from the Internet: First test whether the font contains all of the characters you need and supports the required formatting. 

First go to the menu "Settings - All settings - My company - Fonts".


Then click on "+ New font" to upload the TTF files for the individual font formats.

The input mask then appears as follows:


Font name that is later displayed in the font selection menu.

Normal, italics, bold, bold + italics

Under "Normal" you can set the font to be used by bexio by default, i.e. without the italics and bold settings. If you want to search for the locally saved font document in TTF, click on "Select file". The process for uploading bold, italics and bold + italics is the same as for uploading normal fonts.


Once upload is complete, all you have to do is confirm you have the right to use the font, and then finalize the process by clicking on the button "Save".


Define new default fonts 

Once you have successfully uploaded the font, define the font as the default font.

To do this, go to "Settings - All settings - My company - Basic settings".

In the lower section, you can change the default font type and the size for headlines and normal text.

Default font type for new order management

In this window you can select the previously defined or existing fonts.

Font size for default text and headings

Under "Font sizes for headings" you can change the font sizes of the column headers such as Pos., Description, Individual price, Price in CHF. Under "Default font size" you can adjust the size for the rest of text on the invoice.

Invoice excerpt

Here you can see an enlarged invoice excerpt with the previously redefined default font (Shadow Into Light).



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