What settings can I define under "Company profile & logo"?

What it the company profile used for?

The company profile is used for online documents and the bexio default letterhead. Consult the report "Online documents and sending e-mails: the basics" for more information on online documents. Consult the report "Documents in bexio - What can I adjust?" for more information on the various documents (online, PDFs).

Is the company profile our invoice address?

No, the company profile is used only for online documents and the bexio default letterhead. You can adjust your invoice address in the package administration section. Consult the report "How do I change my invoice and e-mail address?" for more information.

Where can I find the company profile?

Your can find your company profile under "Settings - All settings - My company - Company profile" or using quick access under "Settings - Company profile & logo".



What can I define in the company profile?

A wide range of information can be defined in the company profile. In general terms, the overview can be divided into basic information, logo, contact information and additional information.


Basic information

Enter here the address that should be printed on the upper-right of the documents. You can enter the following details, as appropriate: company name, last name, first name, address, additional address details, ZIP code (leading zeros also possible), town/city, country.

The following fields are included on the documents: "Company name", "Address", "Additional address details", "ZIP code", "Town/city" and "Country".

You can also specify your legal form here.

Contact information

The contact information is only included in the footer of the online documents. The following details can be integrated: e-mail, phone, website, Skype, mobile, fax, Facebook link, Twitter link.

All the information you enter here is included in the online documents. This information is not added to the bexio default letterhead. 

Additional information

You can define the following additional information here: "Sales tax ID No.", "VAT No.", "Commercial Register No.", "Description". Under "Description" you can add a short description of your company. For bexio, for example, that would be "Business software that is simply fun".

All of the information entered is included on the online documents. The "Sales tax ID No." will on be shown on the default letterhead.

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