Export – What options does bexio offer?

There are several export functions available to you in bexio. Below is a brief description of the following: 
Export current list / Export using action drop-down field / General export functions


Export current list

You can use these functions for all menu items. The key feature of this function is that you can filter the data according to your needs and then export this filtered list directly. Of course, you can also export all data using this function. To do this, simply omit the filter settings.

You can trigger this function using the following button, which can always be found at the bottom left. Exports using this function are performed in the currently applicable Excel format.



Export using action drop-down field

export option is to use the checkboxes on the right-hand side (which can be found almost everywhere in bexio) followed by the action drop-down field.

When there, select e.g. the contacts you want to export by checking the relevant boxes on the right-hand side, then select the option "Excel export" from the action drop-down menu at the bottom right, and finally click on "Go" to start the export.



General export functions

You can find all currently applicable export functions centrally under "Settings - All settings - Import/export" or using quick access under "Settings - Import/export".


All menu items with a yellow export label can be used for exports in bexio:

Contacts, Contacts for form letter, Documents (offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices & credits), Products, Tasks, Times, Leads, Products with warehouse, Stock movements, Campaigns, Word processing (letters).

Please note that, depending on the package chosen, not all of the export functions listed above will be available to you. In addition, most exports are executed in .csv format.


Recommendation from Support

We recommend using the function "Export current list" for all exports, since when you use this function all exports are executed in the currently applicable .xls format (Excel) and filtered lists can also be exported.

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