Settings - Where do I find what

"Settings" at the top right gives you quick access directly to the desired settings range.


"All settings" takes you to an overview page where you can find additional settings.


My company

Under "My company" you set up your company profile, define the basic settings for your account (master data) and adjust the appearance of your bexio account (own logo, letterhead and fonts).

Master data 

Here you can define your business activities including hourly rates (only for "Business Service" package), the units of measurement for products and the account plan.

You can also create categories, sectors, forms of address and titles for the address book. You will also find additional setting options for the various modules such as categories for tasks and expenditures, project sub-statuses and document settings as well as warehouse location, bin location and product groups for product management.

Packages, licenses & users

This takes you to the area for managing packages, licenses and add-ons as well as for administering users. You can also find the invoices for using bexio here.

Add-ons, apps & API

Here you will find the settings for the various add-ons, for managing add-ons and for managing API keys (only Superadmin).

Features & modules

This area contains the settings for the "Sales" module (bank account, languages, payment templates and reminder levels), the default settings for the various bexio document types as well as country and currency-specific settings (languages, countries, currencies, exchange rates and tax rates).


Here you will find all export functions relating to bexio as well as the import functions for contacts and products. Consult the report "Export - What options does bexio offer?" for more information on the bexio export functions.

Communication center 

Here you will find all documents sent via the e-mail send function.


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