Edit the document settings?

Which document template should be used for which document? Which bank? How can the numbering be adapted individually? Exactly these questions and more will be explained in this article.


You can implement specific default settings for each document type in bexio; these are then used automatically when you create a new document.

You can manage all settings that apply to the various document types under "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules".



Settings for "Sales" module


First select the desired document type; the respective settings pages are then configured identically for each document type. This means you can define your own defaults for each document type, e.g. a letterhead for offers and another that is used only for invoices. 



Default settings


The settings defined here are loaded by default when you create a document in bexio. Using the tab "Settings" above the positions in the document you can re-adjust the values for the default settings.


Terms of payment


This is where you define which payment templates should be used by default. Consult the article "Edit payment templates - Individual payment conditions" for information on how to set new payment conditions. You can adjust the payment conditions at a later date using the tab "Conditions" from within the corresponding document.

Specify number ranges


To define a specific number range, set various placeholders (depicted between two percentage signs). Placeholders are used as follows:



Consecutive number


Client number


Current year


Current month


Current day


Additional options for number ranges include start number, minimum length of number, number range that recommences anew each year or complete manual input of document number when a new document is created.

Adjust header and footer texts


To adjust the header and footer texts for a specific language, click on the desired language to open the input fields. Once you have adjusted the header and footer texts, save your changes.


You can also adjust header and footer texts to the relevant document at a later date using the tab "Texts".


Reminder level settings


Click on a reminder level to edit its settings. You can use "New reminder level" to add another reminder level. You can change the order of the reminder levels with the green arrow.



Editing a reminder level involves defining the title and the payment deadline for the corresponding level.

You can place a checkmark next to "Show positions" to specify whether all positions should be shown on the reminder according to the previous invoice. As with other documents you can create your own header and footer texts for a reminder level, if desired. This is done exactly as described above.

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