How do I define translations and synonyms?

Under "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - Translations" (general settings) you can i) stylistically adapt all of the terms that are used on the documents created in bexio and ii) define the terms for other languages.         


You can specify a default language for each bexio document. Consult the article "Edit document settings" for more information on this. For each document, you can adjust the language independently of the default settings that have been defined using the tab "Settings".

Simply click on the language you want to edit. If a language is missing, you can set this up in the admin area (see article: "Settings - Where do I find what").

You will now be shown a list of a field designations and column headers used that could appear in the "Sales" module. Enter the respective term in the desired field and then save your settings.

For example: Instead of "Offer" you can set your preference to use the term "Quote". Search for the field in question and enter "Quote".

Important: In bexio itself "Offer" is still displayed. However, if you print the document as a PDF, you will see the adjustment.



Set up other languages

All terms are prefilled for the language German, but not for other languages. You have to fill in the complete form to use the desired language. Due to regional language differences we made a conscious decision to avoid standard terms.

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