Where can I define the user rights?

You can define specific user rights for every user in your bexio account and thus manage access for every module.

Go to "Settings" > "All Settings" > "Plans, Add-ons & Users" --> "Manage users". 




You will then be taken to the overview of all users in your account. Now select "Edit user permissions" to access the settings screen.


You now have three selections available for each module. 

- Activate/Deactivate: Here you can define whether or not the user can use a module. For the "Admin" block, we first recommend you deactivate all three points, especially the user administration. 

- Edit (all/own/none): Here you can determine whether a user can edit all entries, just their own entries or no entries at all. 

- View (all/own): Here you can define which entries are displayed for your users. The user can see either all entries or just their own entries. 



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