Where can I define the user rights?

You can define specific user rights for every user in your bexio account and thus manage access for every module.

Go to "Users" under "Settings - Packages / add-ons / users". 


You will then be taken to the overview of all users in your account. Now hover your mouse over the desired user to reveal the drop-down field "Actions" on the right-hand side.

Select "Edit user rights" to access the settings screen.

You now have three selections available for each module. 

- Activate/Deactivate: Here you can define whether or not the user can use a module. For the "Admin" block, we first recommend you deactivate all three points, especially the user administration. 

- Edit (all/just own/none): Here you can determine whether a user can edit all entries, just their own entries or no entries at all. 

- View (all/just own): Here you can define which entries are displayed for your users. The user can see either all entries or just their own entries. 


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