How do I change my company address and e-mail address?

If you want to save another company address or e-mail address in your account, you can make the necessary changes directly in your bexio account in the package administration section. In addition, your company address and the e-mail address are used for the invoice address and the e-mail address for invoicing.

You can find the package administration section under "Settings - Plans / add-ons / users - Packages & licenses".



Click "Next" at "Subscription type", adjust your company address to the new address and click on "Next". We will send our monthly invoices for bexio to the e-mail address provided.

Click on "Order" in the order overview to save the changes.

If the invoice address is different from your company address, you can also define another address. Consult the article "Set another invoice address as the company address" for more information on this".


Please note that this change relates solely to the company address and e-mail address that are used when you receive the invoice from bexio AG for the monthly costs relating to your bexio account.

If you want to change the company address for the invoices you send to your clients, you can make this change in the company profile. Consult the article "Company profile & logo" for more information on the company profile.

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