Delete all documents

If you have recorded your own documents in your bexio account, you can delete all documents in the area "Sales/purchases", i.e. all "Offers", "Orders", "Delivery notes", "Invoices", "Credits", "Vendor invoices" and "Purchase orders".

This does not affect the settings and other data records. This step Cannot be reversed. Only use this reset option if you want to switch to productive operations after testing bexio.

Specifically, for technical reasons we cannot delete individual documents for you.

How do I perform a reset in "Sales/purchases"?

You can perform a reset yourself (Superadmin rights required) if you have ordered bexio or you are in the test phase and the test data have not been loaded.

Go to "Settings - Plans / apps / users - Delete data (Sales/purchases)".



Then click on "Delete data now". The listed data will be deleted.


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