Delete a user or contact partner (without login)

Delete user

You can delete users under “Settings” - “Plans /Apps/Users”- “Manage Users”.

Contact partners without a login can be deleted under “Settings”- “All settings”- “Functions & Modules”- “Contact partner (without login)”.

If you choose to delete a user or contact partner without a login, certain functions relating to this user are only available for a limited time:

  • The deleted user or contact partner without a login remains stored as a contact person for all data, but is no longer found if you filter the user for contacts, documents or projects.
  • If you edit a record in which the deleted user or contact partner is stored without a login, the allocated contact person automatically switches to the first (sorted alphabetically) existing user or contact partner without a login.
  • If the deleted user is saved within a document (quote, order or invoice), an error message appears when the associated network link is opened. If you change the contact person for the document, it will once again be functional.

You cannot automatically have permissions for a deleted user transferred to a new user. If new users want to edit documents, projects, or products of a deleted user, there are two options:

  • You replace the old deleted user, within the newly-requested data sets, with the new intended user by manually editing all the data sets and changing the contact person there. Important: The documents must be in “Draft” status to complete this action. You can read up on how you can change to this status in the "edit invoice again" support post.
  • You hereby grant the new user full permissions (“Edit: All”and “View: All”) to work on the specific modules. In this way, she or he can also view and edit data for which she or he is not saved as the contact person.
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