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A well-managed address book is indispensable in today's world. bexio gives you the tools you need to keep your contacts up to date at all times. This article will explain a few of the basic properties of bexio contacts.

Contact types

In bexio you can choose between two contact types, private and company. We recommend entering companies and private individuals using their corresponding contact types because the supplemental fields differ depending on the contact type you choose.


Contact types

Supplemental fields


First- or last-name basis, date of birth


Number of employees, Commercial Register no., VAT no., sales tax ID no. (sales tax identification number)


Contact links

In the case of company contacts with contact persons, we recommend creating the company contact and the private contact (contact person) individually and then linking them using the contact linking function. You can also name these links. Please note that the same description will be displayed for both contacts.

To create a contact link, proceed as follows: "Open contact - Add contact" (for new contacts). In the case of existing contacts, go to "Add contact link - Enter details" or "Select contact - Save".



Contact link between a private individual and a company from the perspective of the private individual



Contact link between a private individual and a company from the perspective of the company



Additional addresses 

To find out how to enter additional addresses, please refer to the helpdesk article "Additional address for differing correspondence and invoice addresses".

Contact categorization 

Another important tool for bexio contacts are the categories. You can define these as needed, manage them and assign any number of categories to a contact. They let you identify a contact as a "Vendor", "Client", "Partner", "Newsletter recipient", "A-client", "Christmas gift recipient", "Reference", etc. Afterwards you can filter the contacts based on these categories.



Managing contact categories

To find out how to create new categories or to edit or delete existing categories, please read our article "Managing contact categories".


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