Manage categories

In bexio you have the possibility to create and manage various categories. Categories can be managed for the areas "Contacts" & "Tasks".

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❯ Memos in contacts


Manage categories

You can access the category management either via "Settings" → "All settings" → "Master data" → "Categories" or directly via the DeepL access under "Settings" → "Contact categories".



Add a new category

You can create a new category by clicking on the "New category" button. So-called "memos" can also be added to each category. Text-based reminders in the documents that remind you of special features of individual customer groups, suppliers or projects. Read more about this in this article: "Memos in contacts".



Assign category to a contact

Select the contact and then click on "Edit" via the pencil icon. Or use the "Multiple Mutation" function to assign the same category to several contacts. Learn More »




While editing the contact, you can add further categories that you have already entered in the master data.


Delete a category

If you want to delete a category, open the desired category by clicking on it, then click the "Delete" button. 


Categories for tasks

The categories for the tasks can be found under: "Settings" → "All settings"→ "Master data" → "Tasks: Categories". The same procedure described above can also be applied to the categories of the tasks, except for the "Memos".


Assign category to a task

Open an existing task or create a new one and select the categories you have created under "Category".



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