How can I make bulk changes?

Use this function to edit up to 200 entries at the same time.

In order for you to be able to use the checkboxes to select 200 entries, you first have to have them displayed. To do so, click button in the lower left entitled "Entries 1-15 of XX" and select the option "Display 200 entries".


Using the checkboxes on the right, mark the contacts you want to edit. Clicking the checkbox in the column header will select all of the entries displayed.

Go to the drop-down menu at the lower right, select the "Bulk change" option and click "Go".


In the bulk change screen you can now select which fields you want to edit, click "Continue to step 2" and then enter the values that need to be entered.


The same values are saved for each field for all contacts selected. Press "Save" to trigger the bulk change.

Please note that existing values are always overwritten by bulk changes, not supplemented. Excepted from this rule are "Categories" and "Sectors". In the case of these fields, you can select whether the current values should be overwritten or supplemented.


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