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How can I store a different invoice and/or correspondence address for a contact?

In bexio you have the opportunity to store a different invoice and/or correspondence address for a contact. To do so, open the desired contact in the detailed view, select the "Additional addresses" tab and click "Add address".

Add address

A box will open up where you can store a different address and select whether this address should always be used for invoicing and/or correspondence in the future. If you do not check any box, the additional address can be imported as needed.


Internal field for the name of the additional address such as "Branch office". The address will then be displayed in the "Additional addresses" tab along with the corresponding designation.

Recipient name

The first line of the mailing address. The form of address, e.g. "Mr.", can be entered here for private individuals. In the case of a company, enter the company name, e.g. "bexio AG".


Address: Generally the second line contains the street and house number. In the case of a private individual you can enter the first and last name as well as a street, separated by a line brake. For instance:

Nicolas Scherrer

Reinluftweg 1.

In the case of company contacts, either just the street or a contact person and a street can be entered. For instance: 

Mr. Nicolas Scherrer

Reinluftweg 1

Postcode, city & country

Here you can specify the postcode and city as well as the country. Missing countries can be added subsequently. To find out how, please read the article "Managing countries".

E-mail address

If you prefer performing invoicing by e-mail, you can also add a different e-mail address in this field. To find out more about dispatching offers and invoices by e-mail, please read the article "Online documents and e-mail dispatch".


Under "Description" you have a chance to add internal information about the additional address for other users, i.e. "New invoice address since May 1, 2014".

Is the invoice address

If "Is the invoice address" is checked, the additional address will be used for every document created for this contact.

Is the correspondence address

If "Is the correspondence address" is checked, the additional address will be used for every letter sent to this contact (only possible with the "Word processing" add-on). To find out more about word processing, read the article "Where can I select the additional address?"

Documents (offers, orders, invoices, credits, purchase orders)

If the status of the document into which you want to import an additional address is "Draft", open the "Mailing address" tab.

Under "Import additional address", select the corresponding address and click "Import additional address".

Word processing

You can select the corresponding additional address under the item "Delivery address" when you create a new letter under "Apps - word processing". Click "Save" to save the change.


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