How can I give my fiduciary access to my account?

Invite accountant

Accountant access gives your fiduciary access to your bexio account and allows him / her to assist you with your bookkeeping.

Go to "Settings" - "Plans, add-ons and users" - "Manage accountants".

At the top right-hand side, you will see the option to invite fiduciaries:

Enter the e-mail address of your fiduciary. Your fiduciary will automatically receive an e-mail from bexio and can accept the invitation.

You can also withdraw an invitation if you entered an incorrect e-mail address or change your mind.

Access management

You will be notified via e-mail as soon if your fiduciary has accepted the invitation. You now have the option to remove the fiduciary or to edit his / her access rights.

You are free to decide which rights your fiduciary has and in which sections he / she can make adjustments – just the same way as you can for other users (employees).

Click on "Edit permissions" to decide what your fiduciary can see and do in all the individual sections of bexio.

You can edit and adjust these settings whenever you like under "Settings" - "Plans, add-ons and users" - "Manage accountants".


You can invite and allow more than one accountant to access your bexio account.


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