Set up a cash sale in bexio


Create a payment template "Cash sale" with the payment type "Cash payment", the deadline "1 day" and the additional text "This invoice was settled in cash". (Without this additional text the client cannot see which payment type was selected.) Consult the report "Edit payment templates - Individual payment conditions" for information on payment templates.


Create contact

Create a company contact with the name "Cash sale". This needs to be done because a client who makes a cash sale may not want to specify their address but an address is required for the invoice. Consult the article "Record new contact" for information on how to create a contact.


Create new bank account

This ensures that no orange payment slip is printed along with the invoice printout for cash payments. Alternatively you can select the option "Print page 1 of 1" from the print commands. However, the print command can only be specified via the PDF viewer or your printer driver. Consult our article "How do I create a new cash/postal/bank account?" for information on setting up a bank account.


Create invoice template for normal product and product with warehouse

To do this, create a new invoice with the contact "Cash payment" and select the relevant conditions and the new bank account. Then leave the invoice in the status "Draft" and your template for normal products is ready.

For products with warehouse, you must create an order in the same way as an invoice so the relevant stock movements can then be carried out.

Creating templates has the advantage that the payment condition does not have to be reimported and the bank account allocated every times.



In the case of a cash sale, you can then proceed as follows:

Products without warehouse:

  • Copy invoice template.
  • Select contact "Cash payment".
  • Import products to invoice or add standard position.
  • Set invoice to "Pending" and then to "Paid".
  • Print invoice and submit to client.

Product with warehouse

  • Copy order template.
  • Select contact "Cash payment".
  • Import product to order (reserved in warehouse).
  • Create invoice from order.
  • Set invoice to "Pending" and then to "Paid".
  • Print invoice and submit to client.
  • If the client is absent, create a delivery note from the order (commissioned in warehouse).
  • Set delivery note to "Delivered" (is booked from the warehouse).
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