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What should I be careful of to conduct smooth transmission?

In order for documents to be transferred from bexio to Pingen right away, the following should be kept in mind.

Enter the country name on its own line.

In order for the documents to be transmitted, the country needs to be specified on its own line. Find out how to make this setting in the article "Address block - standard country notations". It is best to use the setting "Always display country on separate lines".


Important: The number of lines is limited to 5 lines. Example:

  1. bexio AG
  2. Postfach 1
  3. Alte Jonastrasse 24
  4. 8640 Rapperswil
  5. Schweiz



The margin must be at least 5 mm on all sides (top, right, bottom, left). This also applies to necessary graphics and footnotes. The bexio Standard log paper is designed to take this into account. If you use your own letterhead, you must adjust it so that it meets these conditions. Use more about using your own letterhead in the article "Personalize bexio - set customized letterhead"

Recipient address

The recipient address will already be placed in the correct place during transmission with Pingen. In Pingen, you can choose the address positioning options "right" or "left". In bexio itself, the address stays in the position where you have placed it.

Charge account in Pingen

Learn more about how to charge your Pingen account in the Pingen FAQ page, at the following link: "The most common questions"

What happens when the criteria are not met?

If the criteria are not met, you will receive an appropriate error message in bexio. In bexio, error messages can occur regarding the following points. If you have previously gone through the steps described in "What should I be careful about for a smooth delivery?", these error messages should not appear.

Enter the country name on its own line.

The address format (country name) is not valid, and does not fulfill the requirements of Please choose one of the following options:

  • Change the standard formatting for addresses in your bexio settings.
  • Change the settings in your Pingen account to send documents without giving the recipient country.
  • Change the URL of this document manually in the tab / index "Address", according to the following example:

bexio AG
Alte Jonastrasse 24
8640 Rapperswil

Margin too small

The document does not meet the sending criteria. Through the validation function of the Pingen webseite, you can get more information about this.

No credit left

You do not have enough credit on your Pingen account any more.

Can I also display the mistakes?

Because each document is transferred to Pingen anyway, you can directly visualize mistakes within Pingen. For this, open the transmitted document in Pingen, click "Fix problems", and then click on "Validate". Pingen generates a PDF where the errors are marked up.

In the following example, the country is not given on a separate line and the right margin is less than 5 mm. Wie Sie sehen, wurde die Empfängeradresse automatisch von Pingen korrekt positioniert.

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