Create an offer, an order, an invoice


If you want to create a new document, go to the appropriate area. For a quote, for example, go to the section "Sales", then to "Quotes". There, click on "+ New quote".


Here is the process:





You can adjust payment options in "Settings" By default, the price option "gross" (incl. VAT.) is selected. Learn how to adjust the standard settings here in the article "Modify document settings - set standards".




Upload documents

Based on the principle no booking without documentation, you can attach the original invoice from your bexio account as a document. Learn how to do this in the document "How do I upload files?".

When all information is entered, press "Mark quote as pending". The status will then change from "Draft" to "Open".



Further documents

In the same way, you can create other documents such as orders, invoices, purchase orders, and supplier invoices.



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