Find the overview of all delivery notes

 "Sales" - "Other" - "Show deliveries" displays all your delivery notes as a list.



Delivery note - detailed view 

You can view a delivery note in detail and edit it by clicking on the number of a delivery note in the list. You could, for example, add more text items, add page breaks, print the delivery note, or change the the status to "Done".


Excel export

You can use the "Export current list" function to export the delivery note overview directly into Excel. To find out more about bexio's export functions, see the post "Export - What options does bexio offer?".




You can also use the overview to create a PDF containing several delivery notes. To do this, select the desired delivery notes (using the check boxes on the right-hand side of the list view), select the option "Multi-PDF (with letterhead)" in the "Select an action" box and then click "GO" to create the PDF. The animation below shows you all the steps.

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