Change the text of the mails

In this article we show how you can personalize and manage your e-mail templates.

Go to the templates by selecting "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - E-mail templates".

You can now create a new template or edit an existing one.


First select the type of document (offer/invoice/reminder) the template will be used for and then give the template a name. You can also define the languages for which the template should be used.

You can then define the template as a default template for a specific document type.

Create the template now and enter the various placeholders.

Choose from user-related (yellow), client-related (red) and document-related (green) placeholders; of course there is also a placeholder for the link to the online document (blue). At the latest, this placeholder must be inserted when the document is sent out.

The table below contains a summary of the various placeholders:


Please keep the following in mind:

- If the document will only be sent to one company, select "Company name" and "Additional company information" as placeholders. If you also assign the document a contact person, select "First name" and "Last name". The [Name] placeholder inserts the complete name, i.e. "First name Last name" or "Company name Additional company information".

- You can also use placeholders in the "Subject" field.

- If you use "Send by e-mail software" as the dispatch type, the selected template will also be used for creating the text.


Here you can see how an offer might look in the template view and in the dispatch view:

Template view               E-mail dispatch view


Once you have saved the template, it is immediately available for use for e-mail dispatch.

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