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If you send invoices by e-mail, you can define in advance which payment methods should be available.
Since April 8, 2015, you have been able to offer your clients the payment service "Stripe".

Consult the article "How do I connect the payment service "PayPal" to bexio?" for information on how to activate the payment service "PayPal".

Please note that fees may also be charged for Stripe payments that are levied directly by Stripe. The instructions below explain how you can link and authorize the service "Stripe". 




You need a Stripe account in addition to your bexio account in order to use the payment service "Stripe". If you do not already have one, you can sign up for a new account directly on the Stripe website. You can find the website at



1.Integrate service

Integrating Stripe as a payment method is easy: You can add Stripe under "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - Payment services". Then click on "Add payment service" and select "Stripe".


You can now enter the two keys you are asked for. You can find these in your Stripe account by clicking on "Your account - Account settings". You will find the relevant information in the "API keys" tab. Please note that, in each case, there is a test API key. Please refer to the information from the live system with regard to activation.

You can also find instructions for the Stripe API keys on the Stripe support portal (<Link>) in the article "Where do I find my API keys?"


Confirm the information you have entered by clicking on the button "Save". The payment service has now been set up.



2. Activate service (existing invoices)

To ensure that Stripe can be used as a payment service in the online view for existing invoices as well (before the interface was activated), you need to activate it for the invoices in question. The service is activated by default for new invoices.

The invoice must first be reset to the status "Draft". Within the relevant invoice, click on "Re-edit invoice".

Now open the tab "Conditions". The payment service "Stripe" is now activated. Finally, click on "Save entries".


Your client will now receive the invoice and can pay it directly using Stripe:


After the invoice has been paid, you can see the confirmation that the payment has been posted to your bexio account under the tab "Incoming payments & credits":



Payment status in Stripe

When the payment process is started or executed, there are the following messages, which can be seen directly in your Stripe account under «Payments».

  • Processing
    The customer's payment was submitted to Stripe successfully.
  • Succeeded
    Customer's payment succeeded.
  • Incomplete
    The payment process was started but not completed. The customer has cancelled the process. 


Conditions from Stripe

The conditions of Stripe are independent of bexio. Pricing and further information in this respect can be found directly on the Stripe website at: 




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