Terms of online documents and e-mail dispatch

Use "E-mail dispatch" to send your bexio documents conveniently and easily by e-mail.

The document is sent as an "online document" by means of a "share" link as you might already be familiar with from other online services like Dropbox, for example.

"E-mail dispatch" consists of three elements: the "Communication Center", the "E-mail templates" and the dispatch function itself.

We explain these elements in a little more detail below.


E-mail templates

Here you can manage the templates for messages you send along with offers or invoices.

You can use a variety of bexio placeholders here to personalize your message as desired.

E-mail templates can be found under "Settings - All settings - Functions & modules - E-mail templates".

Click "New template" in the overview to create a new template:



Here you can select the document type (offer, order, reminder and invoice) for which the template will be used and give it a name. You can also define the template's language here. Then you can fill out the "Subject" and "Message" fields. When doing so, you can use placeholders to personalize the message for your recipient. Once you have saved the template, you can use it immediately for your "E-mail dispatch".

Important: The template must contain at least the placeholder for the "Online link" [Network link] for dispatch to work.


Communication Center

The Communication Center lets you keep track of which documents you have already sent.

The method you used to send the relevant document can also be seen in the Communication Center.

Open the Communication Center via "Settings - All settings - Communication Center".


As soon as the recipient clicks the link to the online document, the status switches from "Sent" to "Received".

You can also check the Communication Center to see how you sent the document, namely via "E-mail dispatch", using your own "E-mail software" or "Manually".


"E-mail dispatch"

Now let's get to the real core of the feature.

First you create your offer, order, reminder or invoice as usual.

You will now find the dispatch status next to the document's status of "Pending". Since the offer has not yet been sent in this example, the check mark is still gray. If you mouse over the icon, you can manually set the document to "Sent". Once it has been sent, the tooltip will also show when the document was sent and when it was read.


"Send offer by e-mail"

opens the dispatch screen and a new e-mail message is created based on your template.

If you mouse over the arrow, you can also select "Send offer by e-mail software".

The action "View in bexio network" will take you to the "Online document" as your client would see it if you sent him the offer using "E-mail dispatch".



Send offer

If you now click "Send offer by e-mail", a message is created based on the template and the placeholders used.

Of course before you send the offer, you can still make some adjustments:


Use the "Preview" button to see the offer's online view again. You can also choose whether the offer's status should be changed from "Draft" to "Pending" once sent.

"Send" will trigger the dispatch via "E-mail dispatch".

Dispatch via "E-mail software"

Not only can you dispatch documents directly via bexio but you also have the option of using your local e-mail program.

To do so, mouse over the arrow to the right of "Send offer by e-mail" and select "Send offer by e-mail software"


A box will then open in which you can choose whether the document should be marked as "Sent" and also whether the status should be changed from "Draft" to "Pending".




Clicking "Send" will open a new e-mail in your e-mail program. The recipient, subject and message text will be automatically inserted in accordance with the e-mail template you are using. Here, too, you have the option of making manual adjustments before sending the message using your e-mail software.

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