Changing the sender address of outgoing e-mails

The default setting is that the e-mail address of the user sending the document is automatically set as the "reply address" when your documents are sent. These e-mails are sent and displayed via >< for various reasons. Here is how to set your own e-mail address as the default "reply address" instead of the user's e-mail address. And how you can verify this as the sender address.




Modifying the e-mail address for sending online documents

When you use bexio to send e-mails to your customers, the first name and surname of the user who is logged in will be shown as the sender by default, and his or her e-mail address will be used as the reply address. However, bexio uses as the actual sender address. This ensures that the e-mails you send don't get caught in spam filters.


John Smith from Example AG sends a customer an invoice by email. The recipient sees the sender as John Smith (Example AG via and the email address of the sender as

Sender name: John Smith (Example AG via

Sender address:
The email is actually sent from this address

Reply address:
Replies are sent to this address




How can I change the sender's display name or reply address?

You cannot change the system setting. However, you can create a new email address and set it as the default.

You can manage your sender email addresses under "Settings" -> "All Settings" -> "Functions & Modules" -> "E-mail Sender".

Click on the "New Sender" button to add a new sender, display name and email address.

Example: John Smith (

bexio will then send an email confirmation message to the specified address. The new email address can only be used after you have confirmed it by clicking on the link in the confirmation message. You can see whether the confirmation has taken effect by checking the status of the "Confirmed" box.

You can now use this address to send documents. If you want to set the new address as the default, you can do this under "Actions".



How can I change the sender address so that bexio displays my own address?

The sender address can only be changed if you have your own domain (e.g. You must authorise bexio to send e-mails on your behalf.

Follow these three steps:

  1. Create a TXT entry for your domain on your DNS with the value v=spf1 ~all. Please contact your domain name provider for more information on how to do this.
    (e.g. you can omit ~all for existing TXT entries)
  2. In bexio, under Settings > Functions & Modules > E-Mail Sender "Authenticate E-Mail Sender", select the email address that you want to use as the sender address from the Actions menu.
    bexio will now verify whether the TXT entry on your domain server is correct. As soon as the verification has been performed (you will see a tick below "Verified") you can use the new address.
    N.B. It can take up to 24 hours for your entry to appear on the domain server and become visible to bexio.
  3. To ensure that the new email address is selected automatically every time you send an email, set it as the "Default Sender" in the "Actions" menu on the right of the new email address.






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