How can I post an entry on the assets side?

You can book activations in bexio directly via the supplier invoices. To do this, create a new supplier invoice, open the "Settings" tab, select "Exempt from VAT" in the VAT options and select an asset account in it. In the new purchase area, the VAT setting does not need to be set to "Exempt from VAT".

Open the supplier invoice and then the "Settings" tab. Select here "Exempt from tax".



Now you can go back to the "Positions" tab and select an active account under "Account".


Then save the delivery dues invoice and mark it as open. The appropriate entries will be created automatically.


Mention: In supplier invoice and expenses can be posted to all accounts active in the chart of accounts. To pay supplier invoices, you can select the bank accounts created in Banking.

In order to minimize erroneous entries in VAT, only pre-tax rates are deliberately allowed in the "Purchasing" area. Therefore, income accounts in Purchasing cannot be posted with VAT. For individual cases where you need to post income with input tax, we ask you to use the manual postings - in these, any combination of accounts and VAT is allowed.

In order to enable all accounts for selection, go to the "Settings" tab in the supplier invoice and set them "Exempt from VAT". After saving this setting, go back to the "Items". The accounts should now be available for selection.


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