How do I carry over my account balance to a new fiscal year?

Before finally closing out your fiscal year, you can continue to create invoices and record supplier invoices and manual postings in bexio. During this transitional phase, you can still reconcile your most important balance sheet accounts, such as, for example, cash. For this purpose bexio offers you an automatic provisional balance carryforward for all balance sheet accounts.

How can I carry forward all balances?

You can transfer all balances for your balance sheet accounts to the following fiscal year by selecting "Accounting" - "Annual Financial Statements" - "Carry Forward All Accounts to".

The following posting entries are used to transfer the closing positions of the previous fiscal year to the following fiscal year:

  • For asset accounts: asset account/opening balance
  • For liabilities accounts: opening balance/liability account

The postings are marked in the journal and in the account sheet as "provisional balance carryforward".


Can I carry forward the balances more than once?

The actual annual financial statement from the previous year requires a wide variety of adjustment postings that are made by you or your trustee. It is important that the balance sheet accounts of the current fiscal year are able to be carried forward again.

If you have already carried forward your balances but then decide to make a posting in the previous fiscal year, you can carry the balances forward again.

To update all balances at once, go to "Accounting" - "Annual Financial Statements" - "Carry Forward All Accounts to"


In the case of the definitive annual financial statement, all balance sheet accounts are carried forward again and posted in the journal and in the individual account sheet as "Balance carried forward as of".

How can I carry forward individual balances?

There is no function that allows you to carry forward balances on individual accounts. We recommend creating individual balances using manual postings in the new year. To do this, you can use the same account that is used to perform automatic balance carryforwards.

These are also overwritten with the updated values when the balance of any account or annual financial statement is carried forward.

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