Reset deleted document number

bexio allows you to number your documents automatically. The following Help Center document shows how you can adjust the numbering series. Settings for documents. 


If you have deleted one of your documents (using the wastebasket icon), the numbering series will not be automatically set back and this number will not be reassigned. (Unless it was the newest (highest) number that has been deleted. This number will be automatically reassigned).


But there is a workaround whereby you can once again assign a document number. To do that, proceed as follows:

1. Open the standard document settings of the respective document under “Settings” -> "All Settings” -> “Function & Module" after which you click on the name of the document type, such as for example “Invoice”.


2. Remove the checkmark alongside the field “Number automatically assigned” and then click on “Save”.

Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-14_um_15.57.19.png    Bildschirmfoto_2020-10-14_um_15.57.26.png

3. After that, you create a new document (for example: Invoice) and reassign the deleted document number. When you create the invoice, the field for the number will be filled in automatically.


4. Important: After all missing invoices have been created, you must reactivate the “automatic numbering” in the standard settings. From that point on, automatic numbering will continue.


Please note that Customer Support at bexio advises against deleting documents in the system. We recommend that you save these instead, so that the history of your documents will not be lost. By doing so, replicability can also be assured at any time.
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