Which banks can bexio connect to?

Our premium partner:

bexio has a direct interface to UBS. If you use the UBS interface, we guarantee that your bank transactions (electronic bank statements) will be retrieved automatically every night and imported into bexio.

Payments entered in bexio can be transmitted to UBS with a single click.

Our special relationship with UBS makes it possible for us to support you actively if anything is unclear or you have any questions.

For maximum security and ease of use, we recommend that you bank with UBS.

Direct support for bexio:

We are developing direct interfaces to bexio with various banks.

How can I tell if the interface to a bank is working?

You can check the status of all the bank interfaces on our status page. You can see whether an interface is working properly or if any problems have occurred.

My bank is not on the list.

Over the next few months, we will be constantly adding more banking institutions. Which banks will be added on which date is still unclear.

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