How do I activate Credit Suisse as my bank?

This article will show you how easy it is to synchronise your Credit Suisse bank account with bexio, and how to reconcile transactions and transfer payments.

Preparing a Credit Suisse account to be used with bexio:

You may need to make an adjustment in your Credit Suisse online banking account so that you can use the bexio interface. To do this, login to your online banking account, go to "Payments"-> "File Transfer" -> "TELE INFACCOUNT", and then select "Subscribe".

As soon as you have opened a Tele Infaccount subscription you can select the accounts and we can open the connection Please note that we can only open the connection 24 hours later, and only if at least one transaction (debit or credit) has occurred in your online bank.

Subscriptions for file transfer with DTA and/or BESR can only be ordered in the "Online banking portal for corporate clients" and the "Classic online banking" version.

Until further notice, private customers will have to make the necessary file transfer adjustments with the Classic version.

Online banking portal for corporate clients:

1EN.pngN.B.: Please order the subscription in MT940 format.


Classic online banking:



Supported login methods

bexio currently supports the following login methods for Credit Suisse: M-TAN, Photo-TAN and RSA key. For more information about the different login methods, please refer to this article: Supported login methods


Synchronisation is split into two parts: You can automatically retrieve existing transactions from your bank account, and you can submit payment requests to your bank.

Retrieving transactions

  1. Go to the bexio Banking section and scroll down to your Credit Suisse account
  2. Click on "Retrieve transactions"
  3. Log in
  4. The transactions will be retrieved automatically

The transactions will now appear automatically in your bexio Banking section and you can perform a reconciliation. To find out how to perform a reconciliation, please read this article.

Under certain circumstances, no transactions whatsoever may appear, despite the fact that you have logged in successfully. Please refer to the following article for more information on why this may occur: No transactions retrieved.

Transferring payments

Click this link to find out how to register payments with bexio and then transmit them to your bank with a single click.

Please note that payment requests can only be transmitted after at least one transaction has been successfully received from your bank – please see "Retrieving transactions" above.

Depending on your online banking contract and the legal stipulations, it may still be necessary for you to approve and release these payments in your online banking account.

Importing transactions manually

In your e-banking you can click on the account number of your bank account at "Accounts and Cards" > "Download Infaccount" and you will then receive a list of your MT940 documents (.sta). You can download those manually and then import them into your bexio banking via "Import bank transactions".


bexio does not store login information such as contract numbers, passwords or tokens. bexio will not contact you in writing or by phone in connection with online banking access data. Please never pass on such confidential data to third parties.

Important notes

ESR and v11

We recommend that you continue to use a v11 file to reconcile ESR payments (payments with orange deposit slip). We recommend the use of a v11 file because technical restrictions implemented by the bank make it impossible to ensure that all payments are completely retrieved during the synchronisation process, in order to allow you to reconcile them.

For more information about importing and reconciling with v11 files, click this link: v11 reconciliation

We recommend that you set the ESR payments which you receive with the bank transactions to "Ignore".

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