How do I download an MT940 file from my online bank?

In order to match your banking transactions in bexio, you need to download an MT940 file (file name can vary) from your online banking service. In this article, there are examples from several banks, but you can perform a transaction match with most banks.

Should you have difficulty downloading the file, please contact the support team of your bank.

Bank overview

Please note that the print-screens are only available in German. Thanks for your understanding.


Log in to the Raiffeisen online bank and go to "Data transfer” on the "payment” tab.

You will now see "Account data for accounting software” on the right-hand side. This is where you can download the MT940 file.

Please make sure that you download the file in MT940 format and select “With Details” to ensure that you can match the data completely and correctly in bexio.

The file will now be generated and you can save it on your computer.

To find out how to match your bank transactions in bexio, please refer to this Help Center article: Matching bank transactions in bexio.

Zürcher Kantonalbank

Log in to the Zürcher Kantonalbank online bank and go to "Data transfer” on the "Account & payments” tab. Now you can click on "Get file” on the right side.

On the new page, the data can be exported as an MT940 file. You can also adjust the scope of the data to suit your requirements.

Credit Suisse

Log in to the Credit Suisse online bank, open the tab "Account & Assets” and then go to "File Download" -> "TELE INFACCOUNT" -> "SWIFT transactions”.

Then click on the appropriate account (written in blue) and you will be taken to a new page. Under “View”, you can choose to display new files or transferred files.

Now select a file and click it to save it on your computer. The file will be saved in STA format and can now be uploaded to bexio.


Log in to the PostFinance online bank and go to the "Collect" tab, where you can view your data in "Account statements” and then export it.

As soon as the data has been exported, the list will be empty. However, if you click "plus", you will be taken to a a new overview page. On the new page, you must first click on “Search options” and adjust the filter to suit your requirements.


When you have adjusted the filter, all the payments appear which have been prepared for export in a zip file.

The zip file can subsequently be exported. It is important to note that after the export, the zip file must be opened on your computer and the files individually imported into bexio.


Data from UBS can be transferred through a direct link with bexio. You can read how to make the link in this Help Center article: How do I link my UBS online banking account with bexio?


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