How can I link my UBS e-banking account to bexio?



Activating the interface in UBS online banking

The initial connection between UBS and bexio is made directly in your UBS online banking account.

Activate the interface in UBS e-banking

Log in to your e-banking account and choose "Offerings > Business Software SME". Now link the accounts by clicking "Activate now".

If you don't see the offering, contact UBS Support.

Registration can be completed in just a few steps. To do so, follow the instructions.

  • Terms of use
  • Banking relationship
  • Confirmation

As soon as these steps have been completed, all the accounts associated with this banking relationship will be connected to bexio. The accounts can subsequently be individually activated or deactivated for the automatic exchange of data in bexio.

Configure the settings in bexio

As soon as you have completed the setup, you will automatically be redirected to bexio. Log in using your bexio user data or, if you are not yet a client, create a free 30-day trial account.


Certain settings are required for linking the systems. We will take you through this process step by step so that you can have both systems linked to each other in less than 5 minutes.


If you have multiple companies in bexio, first select the company you want to connect to UBS.

If you want to create another company here, simply click "New company".

During the next step you will link the banking accounts you have in UBS e-banking to the banking accounts you have created in bexio.

On the left side you will see the banking accounts entered at UBS and you can either connect these to an existing bexio banking account or create a new banking account in bexio.

Click the blue button at the lower right to connect the banking accounts to one another. The connection will then be established.

If you logged into bexio, you still have to decide how you want to log in to bexio in the future.

This setting will then be applied to this company.

  1. Option: You can continue to use bexio's direct login function and can also continue to access bexio without your e-banking login. Those of us in Support recommend choosing this login procedure.
  2. Option: You can always log in to UBS e-banking first and then switch to bexio from there. You will no longer be able to access bexio directly, however.



Why don't I have to enter my account number and password any more when synchronising with UBS?

bexio does not store credentials (such as contract numbers, passwords or tokens). bexio has developed a secure data exchange interface with UBS that makes everything as simple and safe as possible for our mutual customers.

bexio will never ask you to provide your online banking login details, either in writing or by telephone. Please never pass this confidential data on to third parties.

When is the synchronisation with my UBS bank account performed?

We synchronise UBS bank accounts every morning between 4:00 and 5:00 am.

Do I need to synchronise my UBS account manually?

The synchronisation of UBS bank accounts takes place automatically every morning. If you would like to perform a manual synchronisation, please click on "Synchronise bank account" in the Banking section.

Sometimes it can happen that transactions are not imported completely. This can have various reasons. The best way to proceed is to import the transactions retroactively into your bexio. To do this you can click on Banking in the menu at the top of bexio and then click on the small arrow next to "Synchronize E-Banking". You can then define a "date range". In this way, account statements that may already be marked as "collected" in your e-banking will be checked and imported again.
We have activated a duplicate filter on the interface, which prevents you from importing a transaction twice. Accordingly, you cannot have duplicates and can therefore ensure that all transactions have been imported. In general, we recommend to pick up transactions once a week or once a month retroactively. This way you can make sure that all transactions have been imported and nothing has been forgotten.

Why can't I connect more than one bexio account to a UBS online banking account?

Since bexio connects your entire online banking account to your bexio account, it is currently not possible to connect several bexio accounts to your UBS online banking account. We cannot offer this option for security reasons. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to confirm if or when this option will become available.


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