What can I do with "fiscal year / year-end work"?

bexio facilitates your financial statements with "fiscal year / year-end work". You can find these functions under "Booking" - "Further" - Close fiscal year". You will find a checklist for your fiscal year closing here, and you can close your fiscal year and lock it.



Fiscal year closing checklist

The year-end checklist will validate and confirm if the account has a credit/debit difference and if successful postings have been made, as well as if your final accounts (sub accounts) have been balanced.



Close the fiscal year

If you have green check marks in the entire checklist, the button "Close fiscal year" will become active. If you finish the fiscal year, it will be locked and you can not make any more bookings in this year.



When you have finished the fiscal year, you can export your final balance sheet and income statement and the related financial ledgers and journal entries.



Close old fiscal years which have no bookings

If you have been using bexio for many years, you have multiple open years. You can now decide whether you want to close it now, or put a check on a year which is not complete to lock it without closing it. The difference is that with locking, no opening bookings can be made through bexio.

If you have closed all or have released the lock by clicking the checkbox, you can close the current fiscal year as described above.



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