How do I create a create a bill from a purchase order?

If you have created the purchase order in bexio and this at least exists in an "pending status", you will find on the right side the possibility to create a bill.


Upon creating the bill, you can choose the desired positions and their number. The date is the date of the invoice and the “Payable Before” date is the required deadline for payment.


By clicking on the safe button the bill will be created a status of “draft” and you can continue to process the supplier’s invoice as you always do.

What must be taken into account?

Recording the purchase order

Since the bill can be recreated directly from the purchase order, you must be sure that you choose the correct expense account and tax for the purchase order. That will make it easier for you to process the bill later on.

Document flow

Each of the documents will be linked automatically in the document flow. The traceability can thereby be guaranteed.

Deleting bill

If you delete a bill, it will no longer be possible to recreate it from the purchase order. We recommend basically that you never delete a bill. On the one hand, the numbering sequence will not have to be reset and on the other, traceability will be lost.

Notifications in the purchase order

In the purchase order, you will also discover information on how many positions have already been cleared. That makes it easier for you to verify that all positions have always been invoiced in the bill.

Cancelling a purchase order

Once you cancel a purchase order, it will no longer be possible to create the bill. Similarly, a bill that has already been created will not be automatically cancelled if you cancel a purchase order. You have to cancel it direclty in the bill.

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