How do I activate the Raiffeisen bank?

This post will show you how easy it is to synchronize your Raiffeisen bank account with bexio and how to reconcile transactions and transfer payments.

Preparing a Raiffeisen account for use with bexio

We recommend that you make an adjustment in your online banking system so that you benefit from the full functionality of synchronization.

Log in to your online bank and click on the "Profile" tab. First, activate the "With Details" option next to "Data Transfer”. The print-screen is in German:

Just below "Data Transfer" you will see "Security", where you need to activate "SMS login" so that the synchronization can proceed successfully.

Supported login methods

Currently, bexio only supports the M-TAN method for Raiffeisen online banking. To read more about the different login methods, see this post: Supported login methods


Synchronization is split into two parts: You can automatically retrieve existing transactions from your bank account, and you can submit payment requests to your bank.

Retrieving transactions

  1. Go to the banking section and scroll down to the Raiffeisen account
  2. Click on "Retrieve transactions"
  3. Log in
  4. The transactions will be retrieved automatically

The transactions will now appear automatically in your banking section and you can perform a reconciliation. To find out how to perform a reconciliation, read this post. Under certain circumstances, no transactions may appear, despite the fact that you have logged in successfully. This post explains why this may occur: No transactions received.

Submit payments

You can enter payments as described in this post and then transmit them to your bank with a single click.

Please note that payment requests can only be transmitted after you have received at least one transaction from your bank – see "Retrieving transactions" above.



bexio does not store login information such as contract numbers, passwords or tokens. bexio will not contact you in writing or by phone in connection with your e-banking access data. Please never pass this confidential data on to third parties.


Online banking contract and bank accounts

bexio receives data for all the bank accounts associated with your Raiffeisen contract, which may well mean that you receive data for accounts that you do not want to connect with bexio.

Please instruct bexio to ignore all such accounts by selecting "Ignore this bank account in bexio" and then save the changes by clicking "Link accounts".



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