How can I synchronize with the bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank?

In this article you will find out how easy it is to synchronize your ZKB bank account with bexio and how you can reconcile transactions and send payments. 

Prepare your ZKB account for use with bexio:

Make sure that you have ordered the subscription for the deliveries of the electronic account statement in the format camt.053 with details. You can request this via the e-banking support of ZKB.



Please activate the delivery for each individual contract number if you have several e-banking users.

Please note that we can only establish the connection if you have at least one transaction in your e-banking.


Supported login methods

bexio presently supports the M-TAN and photoTAN methods for ZKB eBanking. As long as several login procedures have been enabled, the desired procedure can be selected.

bexio currently supports the M-TAN method for ZKB banking. For more about the different login methods, see the following article: Supported Login Methods.


The synchronization is divided into two parts. First, you can retrieve the existing transactions from your bank account automatically, and then, you can send payment orders to your bank.

Retrieve transactions

  1. Go to the banking section and scroll to the ZKB account
  2. Click on "Retrieve transactions"
  3. Log in
  4. The transactions will be retrieved automatically


The transactions will now appear automatically in your banking section and you can perform the reconciliation. To find out how to perform transaction reconciliation, read here

Effected payments from bexio will be identified in the payment reconciliation that immediately follows with an identification number (cf. the long string of characters beginning with 0000000…).

Send payments

Enter payments as described in this article: Enter payments and send them to your bank with one click.

Please note that you can only send the payment orders after you have successfully received at least one transaction from your bank account. See the section "Retrieve transactions".

Payments will be sent to the ZKB in the ISO 20022 format, pain.001. 

For payment requests you send to the ZKB, it may be necessary under certain circumstances to authenticate yourself anew, consistent with the original login. As confirmation, bexio falls automatically back on the login procedure selected for the standard login. In other words, if you use a photoTAN for the login, a photoTAN must also be used to confirm the payment.


bexio does not generally store any login information, such as your contract number, passwords or tokens. bexio does not ask you for your e-banking access information either in writing or by telephone. Please never provide your confidential information to third parties.

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