How do I assign numbers to my VAT rates?

If you have already been using bexio for some time, you will still have VAT rates according to the old scheme in the system. We have automatically migrated all the tax rates that we were able to identify unequivocally. If you have other VAT rates that we were unable to allocate, you will receive this message:



In order to assign a number to the outstanding tax rates, click on the link that you see above, or go to "Settings" - "All settings" - "Accounting" - "VAT tax rates".



All the tax rates with an exclamation mark are those which could not be adjusted automatically.



Click on one of the tax rates with an exclamation mark. If you no longer use this rate, we suggest that you disable it by removing the tick for "Active".



If you want to continue using the tax rate, you must assign a number to it so that these amounts are included in your VAT statements.


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