Customer account - financial overview for each contact

Every contact has a customer account assigned to them, where you can see invoices, credit notes, supplier invoices, incoming and outgoing payments and manual customer account entries.

When a customer pays you too much or makes an advance payment, these transactions will be displayed here. In accounting, you can find these transactions by default in account 2030. If you have adjusted your chart of accounts, it is possible that your account has a different number.

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How do I access a customer account

To view a customer account go to open contacts, click on the «Finances» tab and then click on «Show account».


What can I do with a customer account

A customer account gives you an overview of the financial situation of a contact. You can use it to make/delete entries and to generate account statements for your contacts.


How do I make a customer account entry

Click on «+ Customer manual entry» to make a manual customer account entry. You need this function when you want to refund an overpayment (debit), or you have received an advance payment (credit).

Enter the name of the transaction in the «Title» field and the amount in the «Customer manual entry» field.

Please note: The content of the «Title» field is used as a text of an accounting entry.


How do I delete a customer account entry

You can delete customer account entries by clicking on the trash can icon next to the amount. This only applies to entries which are in open financial years.



How do I create an account statement

You can find out how to create an account statement in the support article «Create account statement for a customer».


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