Overview: Banking login-methods

There are different login methods in each bank, which you can use to log in to e-banking. So the login method is just the way you log in to your e-banking account.

In this article we have compiled and explained the main login methods.


What is M-Tan?

M-Tan is an authentication method that usually generates a one-time password and used mainly in e-banking. You receive this password by SMS or MMS on your cell phone.

If you log in to your e-banking account, you receive the access data via M-Tan if you receive an SMS or MMS on your cell phone.


What is an E-Finance ID / a card reader?

With the card reader you have a security card (AccessCard /Challengekarte), which you insert in the card reader for authentication from your bank. Then you have to enter a number generated by your bank's e-banking system on the card reader and, depending on the bank, confirm additionally by entering your PIN. The card reader then generates a code that you enter in your e-banking account for authentication.


What is MobileID?

To be able to use MobileID you need a smartphone and a SIM card that supports MobileID. In addition, your bank must support login via MobileID. If you have activated MobileID, you will receive a confirmation request on your cell phone as soon you log in to your e-banking with your user information.


What is an RSA key?

The RSA key is a small hardware device that automatically generates a new number at regular intervals. After successfully entering your username/contract number and password you have to enter this number in your e-banking account for authentication.


What is a matrix card?

The matrix card is a card that you received from your bank. For authentication, the bank asks you for a code in a particular part of this card. You enter the respective number for authentication.


I have a different authentication method, what do I do now?

bexio currently offers these login methods depending on the bank. We are checking other authentication options and will continue to add new ones. You can inform bexio Support about the method you use, which we should add in the future.

However, we cannot guarantee for sure which of these methods will be actually be supported by us in the future.

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