What must I do after I have definitely settled my VAT payment?

Once you have marked your VAT payment in bexio as "definitely settled", you must still post your account balance. If you are unsure how to balance your accounts, it is best to contact your trustee or bookkeeper. In the case that you still do not have a trustee, you will surely find one in our Accountants Directory.

You can balance your accounts with manual postings, which you can make in the Journal. For information on how to create a manual posting, please refer to the article "Manual postings, what is there to consider?".

Important note
The update on 4 March 2020 will limit bookkeeping to two decimal places. You can find out more about the result of this change and to which financial years it will be applied in our support article entitled "From 6 decimal places to 2 decimal places"..

The easiest way to find out whether your current financial year has been converted to two decimal places is to click on the "Filter" icon under "Accounting" → "Reports" → "Profit and Loss Statement" and select the financial year in the top left-hand corner. If you see the option "Number of decimal places", the financial year is still maintained with six decimal places. If this option is not available, the selected financial year is maintained with two decimal places.
If you are in a fiscal year that is maintained to two decimal places, the VAT accounts are also balanced to two decimal places.
Should this not be the case, please set the filter for the VAT accounts to six decimal places in the account sheet and balance the accounts accordingly.


You can best post the payment which you need to make to the FTA (Federal Tax Administration) by creating a manual posting.



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