How can I set fiscal years that differ from calendar years?

If your fiscal year differs from the calendar year, you can set this in bexio. The standard fiscal year matches the calendar year. Furthermore, it is possible to show an extended fiscal year in bexio.

Generally we recommend that you change these settings and make the adjustments together with your accountant, to ensure that your bookkeeping is complete and correct.

Fiscal year settings

Under "Settings" - "All Settings" - "Bookkeeping" - "Change fiscal year" you have the option of defining your fiscal years. The fiscal years define the time periods for your financial bookkeeping.

A fiscal year usually starts on January 1 of any given year and ends 12 months later on December 31.

If your fiscal years do not correspond to the calendar years, you have the following flexible setting options:

Mid-year fiscal years differing from calendar years

(e.g., from September 2015 - September 2016)

Depending on the sector, it may make sense to use a "fiscal year that differs" from the calendar year in order to be able to better record and compare seasonal developments in the books.

Short (short fiscal year) and extended fiscal years

(Only your first fiscal year can be a short / extended fiscal year)

In case of a mid-year business opening (formation), it is possible to set a fiscal year that is less than 12 months or a maximum of 23 months.

What do I need to take into account / consider?

  • A fiscal year always starts on the first day of the first month and ends on the last day of the last month.
  • bexio creates new fiscal years automatically as soon as an entry is made in an accounting period that does not exist yet.
  • A new fiscal year must follow the previous fiscal year without gaps. Gaps between accounting periods are not permitted.
  • Order processing (quotes, orders, invoices, etc.) will still be shown based on the calendar year. However, you can chose another period using the detail filter and save this filter.
  • The VAT reporting does not affect the differing fiscal years regardless of the method. It will continue to be done quarterly or half-yearly and therefore shown that way in bexio.
  • The VAT form is available only starting January 1, 2016, so you have to delimit and adjust it manually for the previous months/years.
  • If the fiscal years are adjusted, any opening entries in this fiscal year will be deleted (they would not be correct anymore anyway)
  • If the fiscal years are adjusted, any balances carried forward in this fiscal year will be deleted (they would not be correct anymore anyway)
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