How can I best use my PostFinance e-banking with bexio?

Reconciliation with PostFinance is most reliable if you choose one of the latest file formats for communication. We recommend that you immediately perform the following actions if you would like to reconcile your PostFinance account with bexio.

  1. Please have your e-finance number for e-banking ready
  2. Call PostFinance Support at 0848 888 710
    (CHF 0.08 / min. within Switzerland)
  3. Case 1: You are using camt.053 v4 and are already synchronizing it with bexio: You do not need to change anything but you can speed up the processing time at PostFinance by making the following change.
    Case 2: You are not using any PostFinance integration: We recommend using the following setup directly.

    Inform Support that you are using third-party software (bexio) and would like to migrate your data transfer for your e-banking contract to camt.053 (v4) without details, without receipt images + ESR credit notes in camt.054.
  4. Also inform Support that the account statements should be issued daily (the standard is monthly).

Please note that this change may take up to 5 days at PostFinance.

Additional Information

If you currently use an older file format for data transfers, there may be some transactions missing. Older file formats (e.g., camt.053 v2) will be deactivated by PostFinance in the upcoming months, so for this reason too, it is worth to request migration to the latest format already now.

Attention: When applying at PostFinance, the new configuration is added but the old one might not be deleted. Please ask your customer consultant to remove old configurations that are used for bexio.

ESR payments

Please note that ESR payments in the configuration camt.053 v4 with details and without receipt images appear in bexio and can be reconciled only 2-3 days later. The reason for this is that PostFinance provides these data to us with a delay and we have them in our system only once we receive these data.

Transfer payments

To be able to transfer payments to PostFinance, it is important that you enable the transfer of electronic payments in your e-banking. You can learn about how it works here:


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